Environmental/Waste Management

We aim to give peace of mind that environmental risks are managed according to current environmental legislation and best practice guidelines.

Our environmental management services include:

  • Environmental Consultancv: Our consultancy services offer support to clients in all aspects of environmental management to ensure you meet your own ethical standards as well as governing regulatory requirements
  • Solid Waste Collection and Management: We provide a full range of waste collection services to commercial and industrial clients for cost effective collection of compactable waste, dense waste, bulk waste, and liquids
landfill, waste management, waste
  • Sensitive Goods Destruction: We handle the destruction of sensitive goods that have the potential to get back into the market if their disposal if not managed correctly. Typical products include foodstuffs (e.g. packaged goods and beverages which have exceeded their sell-by-date), electronic equipment such as pirated CD’s or hard drives containing sensitive information as well packaging overruns that can be shredded and then recycled instead of guaranteed disposal at landfill
  • Waste Planning and Disposal: We are able to provide advice and support in building your waste management plan in order to meet your waste disposal obligations. We aim to reduce your concerns whilst offering quality service
  • Water Treatment: We offer preventative maintenance and monitoring of water and wastewater treatment and associated accessories.